Two-wheeling sculptors, photo-shooting messengers, and velocentric painters are among the many bicycle inspired artists converging in downtown Manhattan for the Joyride art show tonight. The exhibition, part of the Bicycle Film Festival, takes place across multiple venues between Houston and Broome Street, a move that festival founder Brendt Barbur hopes will lead people to literally joyride among the various installations, performances, and parties in the neighborhood. ANIMAL got a sneak peek of the show while it was still under construction, so preview the work after the jump before you go see it tonight.

Among our favorites are the embroidered canvases of Steve MacDonald, the delivery bike that brothers Jeffrey and William Robbins chopped up into plastic weed boxes in homage to New York’s delivery services, Tristan Eaton’s ridiculously dangerous brass knuckled and scythed wheeled track bike, Kenny Scharf’s handpainted non-racing beater bike, and Benedict Radcliffe’s pedal powered paint sprayer. Barbur and co-curators Joseph Ian Henrikson and Tanya Arakawa Rosenstein, really expanded the exhibition this year, bringing in a wide range of artists and creatively minded cyclists working in a variety of mediums.

The art show opens tonight from 6 to 10 PM at Collective Hardware (169 Bowery at Delancey Street), Puffin Room (435 Broome Street at Broadway), 186 Orchard Street (between East Houston and Stanton Streets). The Hungry March Band performs at The Pit in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Chrystie and Broome Streets) at 6 PM and the after party begins at Lit around 10 PM with Peaches djing. The art exhibition will be on display from 1 to 9PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, after which the Bicycle Film Festival packs up for Philadelphia.

The long list of notable artists and up and coming talent includes:

Aakash Nihalani, Agathe Snow, Aiko, Alfred Bobe and Shane Bovel , Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Amy Bolger, Amelia Shaw, Andrew McClintock, Artus De Lavilleon, Ashira Siegel, Benedict Radcliffe, Robert S.L. Waltzer, Bradley Baker, Brian Vernor, Camilla Candida Donzella, Cecily Upton, Cheryl Dunn, Chiara Clemente, Chris Stain, Chris Uphues, Chris Thormann, Dana Goldstein, Daniel Leeb, Daniele De Lonti, David Komurek, Ellis Gallagher, Ed Glazar, Erik Foss, Falcon Duran, Fast Eddie Williams, Fumie Ishii, Gaia, Giftcycle, Greg Ugalde, Graffiti Research Lab, Herman Mao, I LOVE DUST, Jacques Ferrand, James Newman, James Jean, Jessica Findley, Ji Lee, Joe Stakun, Jonas Mekas, Jud Turner, Julia Chiang, Kelsey Brookes, Kenzo Minami, Kenny Scharf, Kevin Foxworth, Lauren Silberman, Leo Fitzpatrick, Lisa Romans, Made in Queens , Marc Sich, Marco Mucig, Martha Cooper, Maripol and Lino, Massan Fluker, Matteo Di Nisio , Maya Hayuk, Mike Giant, Nathaniel Freeman, Nesta Mayo, Paolo Bertocchi, Patrick Trefz, Peter Sutherland, Rajan Mehta, Rich Jacobs, Ryan Humphrey, Scott Campbell, Silver Warner, Steve MacDonald, Stuart Semple, Suzette Lee, Takuya Sakamoto, Taliah Lempert, Tristan Eaton, William Robbins & Jeffrey Robbins, Wonka, Yatika Starr Fields

Photos by Will Sherman/