The First Official Obama Product Endorsement


Even before Barack Obama took office, the Bam Brandâ„¢ was a powerful marketing force the likes of which had never been seen in politics. Then once he became the 44th president, Ikea, Maile dijon mustard, E Mobile, Berlitz, and some racist Russian ice cream maker quickly hopped on the Bam Branding bandwagon—none, of course, with the support of the President. But now, London’s Financial Times has scored a modern advertising coup. After two months of government hemming and hawing, the White House finally gave its approval for the paper to run this poster ad featuring a shot from a Bam election rally and a quote from an FT Obama interview. It’s a continuation of its “We live in Financial Times” campaign. I find it interesting that Obama approved the use of this sound bite; it makes him sound like a bit of a “I’m smarter than other people” snob. |Image: bestadsonTV|