After Andrea Peyser’s unsuccessful attack on the new car-free Times Square, the New York Post dispatched two more “reporters” to the scene and later deployed a catchy headline. This time around they didn’t find European tourists puffing cigarettes in between layovers at Newark, but did spot some “hot-dog wrappers” and “McDonald’s bags.” Evidently, there’s a correlation between larger crowds and increased litter. Shocking indeed, but as we recall, overflowing garbage bins in Times Square—especially in front of that trashy Sabaro’s on West 47th Street—is about as common a sight as tourists and surveillance cameras.

Still, at least one flickr user agrees with the tabloid and snapped the above photo, noting “The lawn chairs look tacky and of course people sit there and leave their garbage behind. At least the straw in the cup coordinates with the green of the chairs.”

Photo by Trish Mayo