Let’s face it, no one cares about France’s music scene unless they’re into techno or even worse, house music, but this “Baby, Baby, Baby” video by electro rock group, Make the Girls Dance, is very relevant. It features three naked women brazenly strolling through the streets of Paris and while the video is certainly provocative, the actual lyrics are fun too. ANIMAL enlisted one of the M.O.B.’s foreign language proficient ladies to translate into English. See some of our favorites lines below.

I want your head on a platter.
I don’t want cake, I want coke.
I wanna smack your grandma.
I want your mother’s black AMEX.
I want your dad’s car.
I wanna go out with your friends, I’ll put my nicest panties on.
I want you to watch, but don’t touch.
I want your fingers in the right spot.