This Cigarette Tastes A Little ‘Tanky’

08.26.09 Copyranter

South America’s all-out creative war on smoking continues. Previously, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Brazil made a—Cig Heil!—13,000 cigarette Hitler. Then Oglivy & Mather in Lima constructed an incredible 15,000-butt billboard. Now, on behalf of ADESF, Neogama/BBH in São Paulo spent nine months (according to their press notes) constructing these digital 3-D war dioramas dramatizing the invasive power of smokes. The headline, translated from Portuguese: “More than 4,700 toxic substances against you. Stop smoking.” You got some tanks and catapults and what looks like a futuristic Mad Max-like battle scene. Sorry, but this strained metaphor is fighting a vicious battle against relevancy. But they sure are cool looking, though. Click the images above to engage and see them super big here, here, and here. |Images: Coloribus|