This is How You Date Paris Hilton

11.02.09 Cajun Boy

SPL136265_001 On Halloween night, Paris Hilton apparently got a little unruly while boozing heavily in a limo, so her boyfriend Douglas Reinhardt felt compelled to put her in her place by placing her in a choke hold in full view of the paparazzi, making Paris Hilton the most unsympathetic battered woman in the history of battered women.

The trouble apparently started when the two were headed home and Reinhardt tossed Hilton’s cell phone out the window of the limo. The vehicle stopped so a “tipsy” Paris could stumble out and search for it unsuccessfully, and when she got back into the limo, shit got real:

Failing to find her phone — it was later located and returned by a paparazzo — Hilton climbed back into the limo and began ranting at Reinhardt for throwing it out the window, the witness said.

She also started slapping and kicking as he grabbed her and tried to fend her off. His left hand had a firm grip on her throat, according to the witness.

“And the guy they were with was trying to block anyone from taking pictures,” the witness said.

“It got very physical. The limo driver was horrified!”

What’s with all the choking of America’s celebrity retards? First Tila Tequila, now Paris? It’s probably only a matter of time before one of the Kardashian sisters gets it!