This Is Not An Ad For The Next Flaming Lips CD

09.21.09 Copyranter


Cold sore season, and Halloween, are both fast approaching. So, let’s take a Monday morning trip to the little Ad Photoshop of Horrors. Many find disembodied lips sensual. I find them disconcerting. Ursa in Sydney has made them even disconcerting-er by digitally painting a swollen pair of BJLs with hot pink hot rod flames to illustrate the speedy penetrating properties of Zovirax cream. While creeped out, I must acknowledge that both the product and benefit are unmistakable, a rarity in advertising these days. But, still. I’m envisioning an orally-talented porn star (Penny Flame?) becoming a freaky sensation by getting her lips tattooed thusly—”I make men cum five times faster!” |Image: BestAdsOnTV|