Well finally, here is little ray of sunshine for Tiger Woods: he won a trophy from the Associated Press for being really good at golf. Meanwhile, his wife is packing up her shit and moving out.

Woods outdistanced Lance Armstrong and Roger Federer in the voting for the “Athlete of the Decade” award. And oh yeah, moving crews descended on the Woods home yesterday to move Elin’s shit out.

A source close to the golfer’s camp told The Post, “She’s making plans to move out and take the kids with her.

“She’s planning to go somewhere warm and Tiger-free for Christmas,” the source said.

“The only reason she didn’t leave earlier is that their son had the flu, but he’s now recovered.”

Several workers pulled up to the palatial estate in Windermere in a truck packed with ladders, buckets and rope, and began carting out such items as carefully wrapped artwork, TMZ reported.

Oh, and here’s a funny twist…Elin might be getting her own shoe deal!

There might be a reason to smile soon, however. Nordegren is in “internal discussions” with Puma to become its spokesperson for the Swedish-inspired clothing line Tretorn, TMZ reported today.

Puma just happens to be the arch-enemy of Nike — Tiger’s big sponsor.

Tiger Woods: he just fucks bitches.