Times Square Is Becoming More Tolerable

05.22.09 Will Sherman


Back in February, New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan unveiled plans to pedestrianize large swaths of Broadway. These new car-free spaces in Times Square and Herald Square are expected to not only give people more safe public space to enjoy, but move motor vehicle traffic more efficiently too—that’s the plan at least.

In Midtown, where the pro-pedestrian plazas and other street improvements are taking place, Broadway cuts across the street grid and creates extra traffic congestion. Getting rid of these pinch points and keeping drivers on the adjacent avenues will actually mean less travel time for everyone.

Although the entire transformation will take some time, Streetsblog points out some big changes happening this weekend: DOT and the Times Square Alliance will be diverting traffic and setting up a Memorial Day barbecue and movie screening at the crossroads of the world.