superman-480A week after his arrest in Times Square after a wrestling match with four police and allegedly “punching the girl cop in the face,” a Superman wannabe was booked again. 23-year-old Maksim Katsnelson was arrested on Tuesday night at Columbus Circle and charged with several misdemeanors including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and trespassing.

A police officer found the costumed character lying on the sidewalk where he exclaimed, “I am just tired, I am not going anywhere….I am Superman, the Governorator.” Authorities say he then ran around in traffic and a witness says he was taunting police. The next day in court, he “was generally presenting himself as a civil rights-minded humanist, and he does these things to protest authoritarianism,” according to freelance photographer John Marshall Mantel, who shot the photo above. After that the Man of Steel was released on $1k bail into the custody of his mother and father. |NYT|