STAGES_TOM_SACHS_low_res-700877As part of Lance Armstrong’s STAGES art show at Deitch Projects, a bike community center, WNW Space, has taken over Trackstar. Before it turns back to a track bike shop this weekend, the space will host a discussion and demonstration about stealing bikes.

Led by artist Tom Sachs, creator of “Lance’s Tequila Bike for Girls,” the talk will cover “the ethical implications around the use and re-use of stolen and liberated bike parts,” followed by by “a guided tour of the neighborhood’s abandoned and dismembered bikes,” where the “demonstration” likely takes place. If you don’t make it out, all you really need to know is: “Don’t steal bikes, bro.” |Trackstar|

“Tom Sachs: Stolen Bikes. An Ethical Discussion & Demonstration,” November 20th, 7 PM, WNW Space, 232 Eldridge Street

Photo via Hint