UK Anti-Knife Crime Video Depressing, Ineffective

11.10.09 Copyranter

wheelchair Though their per capita murder rate is four times lower than America’s, merry olde England apparently has a bloody knife crime problem—a problem the government has been accused of trying to cover up. As part of an online campaign targeting 10-16 year olds, the UK’s Home Office recently released this video featuring a real victim of a stabbing.

While it’s commendable that the Office and agency RKCR/Y&R didn’t go the faux testimonial route usually employed by such campaigns, using a knife carrier victim is puzzling to me. According to the copy, it was the “only time (he) really ever carried a knife (really, son?)” when he intervened in a beef on a bus. Seems the spot will provoke one of two responses from fellow knife thugs: 1. Pussy. 2. Should’ve minded your own business. Video below.

|Video via: campaign live|