250_uncle_09.jpgRabble rousing artist Jermaine Rogers is releasing his first print of 2009 that not only depicts the changing face of our country’s first black commander-in-chief, but also the armed forces. His ‘Uncle’ print makes light of this shift, taking the iconic Uncle Sam recruitment image and redoing it as an elderly black man. And according to the artist he’s not trying to be stereotypical about it either: “No funny little in-jokes, allusions to ‘Black Power’, or colorful ‘African’ garments, jewelry, or headdress. No gloved hand raised in a defiant fist. All of that isn’t necessary: this depiction SHOULD be enough. This is simply an observation on symbolism. Nothing more, nothing less. Could the popular culture of the USA comfortably accept this rendition into their casual and everyday social language?” As long as he’s light skinned, yes! The 7-color screen print goes on sale tomorrow, more information here.