Urban Outfitters Gets Into the Bicycle Business

07.08.09 Will Sherman


Urban Outfitters, one of the leading retailers of plagiarized t-shirts and clothing designs, is now selling color customized fixed gear bikes. Partnering with Florida-based online bike store Republic Bike, the new retail chain’s website offers customers an online interface to easily choose a garish combination of colors for their $399 ride. The new 24-pound bikes are then pieced together on a first-come first-served basis and shipped out. But so far, the Urban Outfitters Bicycle Shop hasn’t exactly won the support of the biking community. Their take below.

“Great. There goes the neighborhood. Why why why???”
— Don’t hate/love the Gazette

“…it seems the general consensus is that they are the inevitable pre-packaged walmart version of hipster bikes, and overall, purchase with a very you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of caution. hmm, a deal not unlike the shoddily-constructed clothing from urban outfitters – but i still shop there.”
— Blueberry Bike

“Fixed Gear Apocalypse—Is this what the Bike Snob has been referring to all this time?”
— Bootleg Sessions

“At the end of the day, bike culture is more important than car culture and people are going to, for the first time ever, ride a bike because it’s cool and because it’s transportation. That’s what’s most important. The cooler it is, or hipper, to ride bikes, the better off we’ll all be!”
— Prolly is Not Probably