Vandal Shepard Fairey Fights Back Against Vandalism

08.11.09 Bucky Turco

shepard-fairey-studio-number-one_ Just because Shepard Fairey’s entire career can directly be attributed to vandalizing property, doesn’t mean he has to like when it happens to him. The notorious wheatpaster, who recently plead guilty to a bunch of graffiti-related charges in Boston, routinely pays to have tags removed from the wall outside his design sweatshop in Los Angeles, a popular target of vandals according to TheEastSideLA. But the continuous sandblasting is damaging the brick, which concerns him, prompting Fairey to apply an “anti-graffiti coating to the wall.” He also has at least two surveillance cameras deployed, but understands it’s the constant buffing that will discourage public painters better than any other strategy. After all, it’s a tactic that he knows all too well:

“Obviously I have experience with graff,” said Fairey, “and there is not much point hitting a spot that will be cleaned immediately.”