3533_underworld_history_la-1_04700300 Catching actual vandals is apparently too difficult and onerous a task for the LAPD. The Los Angeles City Attorney is pushing for an injunction to allow police to arrest suspected writers simply for hanging out together. Already boasting the most injunctions in the country, LA uses the court orders to criminalize otherwise legal activities often associated with gangs: gathering in public, wearing particular clothes and flashing hand signs. Authorities justify this extreme policing by arguing that the behaviors are “done to further murder, rape, drug dealing.”

Despite the fact there is no similar criminal correlation for graffiti writers associating in public, Carmen Trutanich wants to wage a similar war on vandals. The ACLU calls Trutanich’s proclaimed “end-of-days” scenario “unquestionably unconstitutional.” |LAT|

Photo via NationalGeographic