51gcxoBzEqL._SS400_.jpgIn a last ditch attempt to help promote their not so quick selling Vandal Squad book, indie publisher powerHouse Books has devised a PR/marketing strategy to help raise some awareness: a panel discussion on graffiti! It will include washed up police officers like “Joe Blow” Rivera, the book’s author, alongside media whoring former paint chaser Steven Mona facing off against notorious vandals and Peter Vallone Jr. political targets COPE2 and KET—we’re actually digging his justification for attending. Chalk writing street artist Ellis G. will also be on hand to offer some perspective.

Adding to what’s sure to be a circus-like atmosphere is “cultural consigliere” and White Rapper Show co-creator Sacha Jenkins. RSVP here for the March 19th event, but as KET rightfully advises: “Those of you with warrants might want to skip this one.” Related: Judging A Shitty Book By Its Shitty Cover.