300_Ed-Letter-Vapors.jpgIn the new issue of Vapors, a D-list skater/t-shirt/music publication, you’ll find a letter from editor-in-chief PJ Canale telling his readers that Vapors isn’t Complex magazine. Canale stresses that “Complex is exactly that, a complex of editors, designers, ad sales, marketing, advertorials—they have freakin’ teams for everything. At Vapors, I’m the editor, staff writer, photo editor, lifestyle and product editor, online editor, budge director, part-time art director, producer of photo shoots, blogger and more…” Truthfully, the comparison isn’t far off. Vapors is like a baby-Complex only with pick-up art, much cheaper ads, and market pages that look like they printed Hypebeast.

On the flipside, although it must be tough to wear so many hats and work with a smaller budget, at least Canale doesn’t have to deal with extra baggage Complex has to lug around, mainly Marc Ecko’s name on the cover. Still, Canale sets the expectations of his mag low, adding “Vapors don’t compete with Complex…I don’t really have to cater to an audience.” Great outlook PJC, with that mindset we’re sure your publication will flourish in this currently booming market of print media.