A street corner in Hollis, Queens is being renamed in honor of legendary rap group Run-DMC. The new mouthful of a name, “Run-DMC JMJ Way,” was approved by City Council for the corner of 205th Street and Hollis Avenue. The groundbreaking Kings of Rock disbanded in 2002 after Jam Master Jay, the DJ for the group, was gunned down in an unsolved murder at a Jamaica, Queens recording studio. This past April, the Hip Hop trio’s surviving members, Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniels were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

According to the Times, local Queens Councilmember Leroy G. Comrie hopes the street renaming along with a proposed Hollis Hip Hop Museum just blocks away will help to “economically revitalize this particular neighborhood as a potential tourism attraction.”

Original photo by Chris Gold, Photoshop mock-up by ANIMAL