War Photoshopped Out of The World

08.31.09 Copyranter


The World March for Peace and Nonviolence begins October 2nd (the UN’s international day of nonviolence, and Gandhi’s birthday) in New Zealand, and ends January 2nd, 2010, in Argentina. It will spend about a month in there winding through the U.S. To help promote the march, JWT Delvico in Madrid created these Photoshop Phunnies. Note that both the jets and the aircraft carrier are American war machines. Also note (click ads) that warplanes still sit on the carrier cruise ship’s deck next to the pool and sunbathers—that’s some lazy retouching, JWT; I’m not feeling your commitment to world peace. Jump for the corresponding TV spots, including a dispatch call for one of the taxi jets to land at 23rd and Fifith Ave here in NYC.

|Images: IBIA. Video: AdFreak|