Watch A Woman’s Breasts Get Felt Up For A Good Cause

10.27.09 Copyranter

feel_up Save The Boobs month continues worldwide, as we make another stop north of the border for Rethink Breast Cancer. To help promote next month’s Breast Fest Film Festival in Toronto, ad agency Juniper Park created this :30 spot, “Feel up.” Jump for the video, which was shot in Toronto’s Fox Theatre. You’ll feel the punchline coming before you can say “second base.” Notice the watch style, and, well, that they had to cast a woman with pretty thick wrists to make the gag work. Raising awareness of breast cancer is fine and dandy. But I wonder what women who’ve been afflicted with the disease think of all this jiggling and grade school humor being used for such a deadly serious topic? Previous Breast Cancer Awareness Month post: The Blob Attacks Auckland!

|Video: The Inspiration Room|