Kari Ferrell

The search continues for the so called “Hipster Grifter” Kari Ferrell and although her current whereabouts are unknown, we do know her last residence. According to artist Cory Bradley and roommate Brett Jensen, on March 30th she moved into their 4BR loft located on Bedford Avenue between Myrtle and Willoughby. “I genuinely liked her,” recalls Bradley, who makes his living selling paintings. Jensen also described her as personable, telling ANIMAL by phone, “She was engaging, charming.”

Upon moving in, Ferrell gave them a $2000 check from someone else to cover 2.5 months, claiming that her account was frozen. They didn’t think twice about it — until the check bounced.

It was then that Jensen began poking around. He came across Vice’s post from April 1st. When they asked her about it, she nonchalantly blew it off, claiming it was an April Fool’s joke. But once they found her mug shot on the Salt Lake City Police’s Most Wanted list, they weren’t laughing. “We were gonna turn her in if there was money on her head,” explains Bradley, who admits he’s still stunned. “She just texted me two days ago to talk about the Utah Jazz.” (What? Huh? Random?)

Turns out she was also into video games and would “play NBA2k on PS3 for hours.” We also learned other interesting/random/insane tidbits about the Internet’s Handjob-By-Mouth-Giving Sensation before she was abruptly asked to leave on April 3rd:

  • She has a fetish for beards.
  • She claimed she was a vegetarian, but wasn’t upset when one of the roommates accidentally gave her a dish with meat.
  • She claimed she couldn’t drink alcohol cause she lacked the right enzymes to break it down.
  • She smoked weed out a glass bowl.
  • She said that Vice gave her the name “Ping Pong” because it is customary to find the most offensive names for all new employees.
  • On at least one occasion she had Skype sex with some dude from Canada who was planning on coming down and staying with her.
  • After moving in, she helped them write a Craigslist ad for the other room that was up for rent.
  • All photos courtesy of Cory Bradley