So Whitney Houston recently sat down for an interview with America’s thuggish overlord, Oprah. Now, I didn’t see the interview, as I tend to avoid Oprah’s daily indoctrination jerkfest for weak-minded American serfs, but apparently Whitney opened up about her past drug use on the show, something that has now provoked the hideous media Lernaean Hydra popularly known as Wendy Williams to unleash a tirade against Whitney for not being a real crackhead or something. In the clip below, Williams brags about her deep knowledge of crackhead terminology and says that Whitney needs to really “own it” when it comes to her former crackheadednesss. According to Wendy Williams, Whitney Houston is a “high-brow ex-offender,” which in her eyes is the equivalent of being a goat-fucker or something. Wendy Williams, you are the fucking worst! Whitney Houston is America’s crackhead, so leave her alone damnit!