“How Michael Jackson turned white” returns almost 20 million Google hits. Many people blindly believe he has bleached his skin to be more “accepted.” But he actually has a skin disorder called vitiligo which causes loss of pigment and irregular pale patches of skin; the bleaching treatments/pancake makeup are efforts to mask the unappealing disease. (None of this explains the nose, or Bubbles, or…the other stuff.) Here, mysteriously-named Chinese ad agency No.7 in Beijing has, without permission of course, smoothly, criminally made the king of pop their unofficial spokes-celeb for Bamboo natural skin whitening (probably a form of this product). The cash-strapped Jacko should maybe get his law dogs barking sniffing up Bamboo’s ass for a settlement. Related: Mr. Brainwash’s Jacko/Britney mashup posters. |Image: adofdamonth|