What’s So Funky About Peace, Love, And Understanding?

11.18.09 Copyranter


Presenting The Nobel Funk Off, “quite possibly the funkiest supergroup of all time”: Nelson “the man” dela on axe, Mother T (who appears to be a man) playing bass with white gloves, and “Diddy” Lama pounding the skins. The fake Mandela is just a terrible look-a-like.

A Michael Jackson impersonator’s sequin-gloved hand makes a brief appearance at the end of the short jam session, which is dominated by D-Lam’s tasty drum solo. Would have liked to have seen fellow Nobelists Al Gore on cowbell and Barack Obama on…washboard or something. I can’t find any info on the vid, but I’m sure it’ll be trickling out in the near future. Peace out with your funk out.

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