President Blackie McMuslimcommunist is still out there, going around the world spreading his plans for the extermination of people who love Jesus and the constitution globally, and he won’t stop bowing! Thank goodness that these acts of liberal faggotry haven’t gone unnoticed by the New York Post.

Yes, the Post, unabashed proponents of perpetually erect American cock, all but insinuated that Obama is out there giving free blowjobs and reach-arounds to world leaders during his diplomatic travels in their Sunday article exposing Obama’s latest bowing outrage…this time to the Japanese Prime Minister, who you may recall bombed us at Pearl Harbor.

It wasn’t what George Washington would have done, but President Obama had no problem breaking with tradition and bowing low before the Japanese emperor yesterday during a visit.

The president greeted Emperor Akihito at the front door of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo by bending at the waist and dropping his head in a deep bow — a sign of respect and deference to the diminutive leader.

The gesture is likely to be well received in Japan, where bowing is part of the culture.

But it’s sure to stir controversy at home, where, by longstanding tradition, American presidents don’t bow to foreign leaders.

The State Department doesn’t have an official policy that prohibits American presidents from acts of obeisance before foreign leaders, but for more than 200 years, those types of formalities have been avoided.

So, Obama is a pussy, obviously.

bush bowing to saudi