Remember all those rumors swirling that the Salahi’s were going to be part of an upcoming Real Housewives of DC series? Well, apparently the couple’s party-crashing ability was so impressive to TV executives at Bravo and NBC that they might give them their very own show!

NBC posted an online survey to its website yesterday asking for opinions on the Salahis and if giving them a show would reflect poorly on the network. Reports the New York Post:

In a section asking how strongly customers agree or disagree with various statements, one eyebrow-raising standout was: “If a network gave them their own reality show, it would negatively influence my opinion of that network.” This suggests that somewhere within the NBCU wheelhouse, someone is contemplating giving the fame-seeking duo a shot at their own TV show.

Other statements that NBCU sought commentary on include, “Featuring this couple on a reality show would be rewarding their actions,” “They would make great ‘love to hate’ characters on a reality show” and “Michaele Salahi is great eye candy.”