Twitter gives the world access to people’s most mundane details and it’s amazing how many women love to announce to the world that, yes, they’re on the rag. Here are today’s brave, bloated over-sharers.


It appears as though Lisa hopes to dine on lobster and fine wine with her man, who will then lead her into a candle-lit room and lay her down on a bed of fine Egyptian sheets, where he will then make sweet, sweet love to her, bringing her to orgasm multiple times before he even considers having an orgasm himself. Or perhaps she just wants to get bent over in the bathroom at da club? Either way, a period can cockblock the shit out of you.


What Tracy Marquez probably doesn’t realize is that a dude named ButtSexKyanne wouldn’t come over with Dylan_isthebest unless they were looking for a bloody threesome.


Veronica Chanel takes her menstrual wrath out on lowly customer service reps.


And getting your period is one thing, but spilling your VitaminWater too? Liliana S. should probably just end it all now.