Who’s Having Their Period Today?

10.29.09 Cajun Boy


Twitter gives the world access to people’s most mundane details and it’s amazing how many women love to announce to the world that, yes, they’re on the rag. Here are today’s brave, bloated over-sharers.

OMD I'M TOTALLY STRESSING ..._1256829273889

The good thing about bamboo tampons is that you really don’t have to worry about your boyfriend/husband trying to coax you into playing the “just the tip” game.

First chance at "getting s ..._1256829550817

I would actually argue that Mom’s are the biggest cockblock known to man, even bigger than a period. Why? Because mom’s don’t have to be there to fuck up your game. Girls can get filled with “what would my mom think about this dude sticking his tongue up my ass” guilt quite easily. So yeah, moms are the worst.

at home, eating nachos now ..._1256830403826

Ani Brooks’ mom knows
that you can have the chocolate milk and the nachos but it’s not really a true menstruation party unless you’ve got the hard sole slippers.

@EmilyFuckinWay I'm laying ..._1256829907473

You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a “shited ass” day. I mean, I’ve had “shit ass” days and I’ve had “shitty ass” days, but I’ve never had a “shited ass” day. Now I know what it’s like.