Twitter gives the world access to people’s most mundane details and it’s amazing how many women love to announce to the world that, yes, they’re on the rag. Here are today’s brave, bloated over-sharers.

my roommate moved out. She ..._1261067672738

You know what’s even worse than the roommate who takes the TP when they move out? The roommate who never buys TP when it runs out. H8 u no TP-buying roomies!

I love a woman that keeps ..._1261068540260

Really? Are unlimited blowjobs on demand “real?” I think not. Sounds more like “keeping it fantasy” for me. On what tree do these women grow, because I’d like to find one?

WHY THE FUCK HAS NO-ONE EV ..._1261069709724

I can say with almost absolute certainty that someone down in the bayous from which I hail has used some or all of a Shamwow as a tampon. No doubt.

RT @THEREALKERRIKAG @Nasty ..._1261069295453

Presented without comment.