Twitter gives the world access to people’s most mundane details and it’s amazing how many women love to announce to the world that, yes, they’re on the rag. Here are today’s brave, bloated over-sharers.

when my period is over imm ..._1262025113589

Maybe this sheds some light on why some women are so cranky during menstruation: they’re so weirded out by their bloody nether regions that they foolishly abstain from self-love. Last time I checked, the clit doesn’t bleed. Just sayin’.

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Despite being laced with apparent hormone triggers, the only way Sherlock Holmes could suck harder would be if Guy Ritchie had included a plot line where Madonna was stuck on a deserted tropical island. Consider yourself warned.

@AshyLBowz Cause sometimes ..._1262026331018

This proves my lifelong theory that even girls who call themselves “MizzHotBlaze” on Twitter enjoy a good cuddle every now and again.

"today my boyrfriend told ..._1262026099415

Lemme guess…a beaver?!?!