Did you catch Moammar Gadhafi’s long, rambling, downright bat-shit crazy speech to the UN General Assembly today? Oh boy, what a DOOZY! He should’ve just dropped his pants and taken a big terrorist dump right there on the podium and slung feces all over the walls, because that’s essentially what his speech amounted to. Oh, he also complained about jetlag! But perhaps the most amusing aspect of Gadhafi’s address was that all three cable news networks featured different spellings of his name on-screen while he spoke.

As seen in the photo above, CNN used the spelling favored by the AP, Gadhafi, which is also the surname version used by Wikipedia, which everyone knows is never wrong.

So why do Fox News and MSNBC spell it differently? MSNBC went with “Khadafy.”


While Fox News initially went with “Khadafy,” but then later switched to “Qaddafi.”


The confusion about all this is derived from the varying ways by which written and regionally pronounced Arabic is transliterated. In fact, the many transliterations of Gadhafi’s name even led to a 1980s era Saturday Night Live skit making fun of the seemingly perpetual media confusion about it. While his speech was taking place, numerous versions of Gadhafi’s name turned up in Google and Twitter’s top trends. You’d think by now, after the guy’s been in the public eye for over 30 years, there’d be a universally agreed upon way to spell the guys name. Then again, maybe it’s all an American media conspiracy to make him look like an even bigger fool.

And here’s a sampling of Gadhafi’s madness from earlier today in case you missed it: