It’s been a while since we’ve heard from America’s thuggish overlord/fast food terrorist, Oprah. Most recently she was seen wearing her P.T. Barnum hat to host a cornucopia of circus freaks like Mackenzie Phillips and the face transplant lady. Now a lawsuit alleges that Oprah fired a flight attendant and pilot on her private jet because they had the audacity to fuck each other…ON OPRAH’S PRIVATE JET!

According to the lawsuit, Oprah fired flight attendant Corrine Gehrls and pilot Terry Pansing after they fucked in in the sky while Queen Oprah, zonked out of her skull on sleeping pills, snoozed in the back of the plane. But Gehris contends it’s all a lie, claiming it’s all a Melrose Place-esque scheme cooked up by Gayle King’s daughter and a catty flight attendant also employed by Oprah to serve her aboard Air Force O:

The lawsuit filed by Corrine Gehrls, 39, alleges that flight attendant Myron Gooch and Kirby Bumpus, who is the daughter of Winfrey’s friend Gayle King and is Winfrey’s goddaughter, made the false and defamatory accusations to cause her to be fired.

Gehrls and chief pilot Terry Pansing, 57, one of four pilots employed by Winfrey, were fired a short time later for “inappropriate intimate behavior,” the suit said.

Gehris and Pansing contend that their bone zone activities took place when the plane was on the ground, not in the air. Obviously, Oprah’s smoldering desire to bed Sully is interfering with her judgment. So sad.