Back in January, when Obama was entertaining the idea of Dr. Sanjay Gupta as surgeon general, the pharmaceutical-shilling newsman acknowledged all the benefits that medical weed could provide, yet argued how he won’t support a law that really just makes it easier for stoners to do bong hits, regardless of its legitimate use by patients.

But with all the good PR the medical weed movement has been enjoying lately and its increasing relevancy in the news media, it probably won’t be long before he changes his mind.

Yesterday, CNN medical producer Stephanie Smith took to Dr. Sanjay’s blog and discussed how important the American Medical Association’s recent endorsement for cannabis is:

That is what makes a subtle, nuanced move by the American Medical Association at a board meeting on Tuesday such a remarkable twist in the dialogue. The AMA shifted a 72-year-old policy about smoked marijuana, acknowledging that there could be some medical benefits, and urging reconsideration of the drug’s Schedule I status (Schedule I is a drug of abuse with “no accepted medical use.” Heroin and ecstasy are also Schedule I).

I wonder if he’s allowed to agree. Paging Dr. Gupta