Won’t You Help Rub Out Diabetes?

11.11.09 Copyranter


November is American Diabetes Month, so if you’ve still got all your appendages, say a quick ‘thank you.’ Another consequence of the disease is of course blindness. In fact, Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults.
So somebody (maybe the American Diabetes Association), thought the best way to call attention to this was to post this “funny” NSFW video (hoping it will go viral) which prompts you to visit a microsite DiabetesIsNoPicnic. I don’t want to give away the joke, but it involves teenage masturbation. The responsible agency is Milwaukee’s Serve Marketing, a shop specializing in social advertising who previously Photoshopped D-cups onto 13-year olds to promote statutory rape awareness. |Video via: osocio|