On Christmas Day, a 23-year-old Nigerian man aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam tried to ignite an incendiary device strapped to his leg during the final approach to Detroit, but the bumbling fool only managed to light his own crotch on fire instead and then got a swift ass-kicking by a Dutch passenger who helped subdue him. So what do we know about Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab? For one, not even his rich banker dad liked him. Nigeria’s This Daily reports:

According to the family members, Mutallab has been uncomfortable with the boy’s extreme religious views and had six months ago reported his activities to United States’ Embassy, Abuja and Nigerian security agencies.
The older Mutallab was said to be devastated on hearing the news of Abdul Farouk’s attempted bombing and arrest. A source close to him said he was surprised that after his reports to the US authorities, the young man was allowed to travel to the United States.

Yeah, us too. After all, it’s not like his pops was the only one who knew how dangerous he was.