Wrangler’s Post-Modern French Philosophy Course Continues…

09.15.09 Copyranter

wrangler_ledeThe next lesson from the North Carolina jeans maker, via their French ad agency, Fred & Farid, is “Stop thinking.” Previously in their We Are (dead) Animals campaign, we were asked, “why do we live, knowing we will die?” Now, the two Parisian hucksters have unzipped their Wranglers and pissed on fellow countryman René Descartes’ (I think, therefore I am) grave. On their YouTube page for the commercial, the agency explains the Stop Thinking thinking: “(it’s) a call to let our spontaneity, unconsciousness and immediacy speak. If we think about potential risks, possible consequences, and likely failures, we make it impossible to achieve great things. Reason is a brake.” Reason is a brake! Add Wrangler logo, BAM—t-shirt design. Anyway, jump and be enlightened, students.