xxl_giant It’s no secret that marketing dollars have been drying up industry wide, but who knew that Hip Hop magazines like XXL were taking such drastic actions to retain and attract new advertisers, like this dire memo warning against spending money in a competitor book. This communique was sent to Mindshare, a media planning agency that controls a lot of money for big brands, and basically describes just how close to death Giant is. They claim that even the parent company, Radio One, has lost faith in the title, citing the lack of the mag’s inclusion in a recent trade advertisement that ran in Ad Age as the most damning evidence. Additionally, they mention the far more important indicators of its inevitable demise:

-Giant cut its newsstand distribution.

-The last two issues had less than twenty total ad pages.

But then things take a turn for the surreal.

XXL flat out says that “Giant will fold in the near future like King and Blender. So I implore you to take a hard look at your print partners and invest with those that are credible, viable, proven and trusted.” While we understand the whole taking shots at Giant and Blender—both owned by rival publication houses—why would they take aim at one of their own titles? True, King is dead, but only after XXL’s parent company, Harris Publications, couldn’t make it “credible, viable, proven and trusted.” Related: They’re all going out of business anyway.