You’re Driving Too Bloody Fast!

06.30.09 Copyranter


We’ve seen fake bloodvertising before, but not nearly this gruesome. The Papakura District Council in New Zealand wanted to do something to get Kiwis to slow down during the end of Summer rainy season. So, Auckland ad agency Colenso BBDO created three roadside billboards in the area featuring fresh-faced youngsters; fresh-faced until precipitation started falling. Then, rain sensors in the boards started bleeding red liquid, creating shocking death faces. Very creative! The campaign won a Bronze Lion at Cannes last week, and the agency claims there have been no fatalities in the region since the boards went up. If they say so. The image would certainly make me slow down…and take my eyes off the road…and stare intently at the haunting bloody face…and then possibly drive off the road and slam into a fucking telephone pole or maybe kill a kid riding his bike. |Image: coloribus|