YouTube - Zach Braff (Scrubs) is NOT DEAD! Evidence here!_1255537939282

Oh hey did you hear that Zach Braff died? Yeah, well, it’s not true. Crazy right? Apparently it was all just a rumor started by some dastardly internet cretin (Yeah, I know…SHOCKING!), just like the rumors of the deaths of Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum, Matt Damon, Bob Barker, Steve Guttenberg and host of other famous people were just gags perpetrated by dastardly internet cretins. And to prove he’s not dead to the world, Braff released a video on YouTube announcing his un-deadness. Welcome to 2009!

Here’s Braff on the set of that awful show he stars in, Scrubs. Some of you are surely disappointed, but get over it…Zach Braff will die eventually.