cIn support of South Park’s censored Mohammed episode and creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Seattle artist Molly Norris devised an ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ and set a date: May 20th. The concept went mega-viral. It’s own Facebook group grew to over 11,000 followers (that would make for one large fatwā).

Now, Norris is officially distancing herself from the idea. Enough silly drawings have been made to prove a point and she’s sorry for offending moderate Muslims, she says in a recently posted YouTube video, pleading to make May 20th a ‘Draw Al Gore Day’ instead.

More likely, it’s the fact that like any Internet-born entity, the Facebook group quickly deteriorated into a hollering and blabbering match between the offended, the offensive and those who can’t spell very well, drowning in a vast sea of tangential stupidity. Or maybe her attempts to decentralize the extremists’ death threats by getting everybody to draw Mohammed backfired, making her a direct target of that very kind of death threat.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central are furiously trying to scrub the internet for old Super Best Friends episodes featuring the uncensored Mohammed. Good luck with that.