Amnesty International France Blasts Russia Via Matryoshka-tising

06.14.10 Copyranter


Ooh, you better be on your guard, Nicolas Sarkozy. Vladimir Putin might send you a polonium 210-laced nesting doll after viewing this ad work via Amnesty International France. For some reason, The French and Russians are culturally co-blowjobbing each other this year.

French AI took the opportunity to use and abuse one the most iconic items from the Motherland to draw attention to Russian human rights violations. In print, they turned a Matryoshka into a bullet. The bloody video is even more damning.

The campaign carries the line “We must not let Russia’s charms hide its atrocities.” The print ad claims that “censorship, racism, murders, forced disappearances…all still occur frequently in Russia.” There is also an online petition to sign if you’d like to risk being disappeared.

|Image/video: AOTW|