I realize I may have been a little hasty condemning Tarantino as an opportunist weasel and dooming his recently appropriated LA moviehouse New Beverly to a calendar fisted up to the teeth with kitsch violence. That was probably overreacting on my part.

Anyone who owns Kar Wai Wong’s Chungking Express on DVD saw Tarantino’s name plastered all over it and maybe even sat through that manic rave he gives all wide-eyed and almost drooling over how good it is. And it is good. If not for Tarantino, many would never have discovered it. Even though Godard spurred him over it, Tarantino’s production company A Band Apart is an allusion to his love for French New Wave cinema. I forgot about that. If he could, Tarantino would probably give a massive budget make-over to Bandes à part too (not just a Madison dance tribute in Pulp Fiction).

So, I’m sorry. I know it’s not just B movies you like, Quentin. It’s only B movies you like making. So keep my New Beverly safe for me while I’m indefinitely East Coasting, alright?

Image: TMZ.