Last weekend in St. Petersburg, anarchists crashed a “Strategy-31” demonstration with signs, fiery flares and flyer bombs from a rooftop. The anarchists explicitly stated their apathy towards the unrelated rally below, but when the cops couldn’t catch any of them, it was random “Strategy-31” attendants that were arrested.

Déjà vu?

Fellow agitators from the art-terrorist group Voina report that the FSB forces knew about the rooftop action in advance, but weren’t prepared. The Anarchists set off flares and shook an “All Government Is Shit: Prohibit Prohibition!” banner. Then, after littering Nevsky Prospekt with their manifestos and a few “We don’t like it when trash stomps on our freedom!” chants, the anarchists dispersed without a trace. The cops were left with empty hands, with which they grabbed up four random, unrelated “Strategy-31” attendants and a journalist (for clapping?) and joined busloads of people already detained at the rally.

Who knew FSB had time to chase ambitious hooligans? Aren’t they all busy making Julian Assange “inaccessible forever” before he WikiLeaks all over them?