Currently on view at the Steven Kasher Gallery through April 3rd – “Andy Warhol: Unexposed Exposures.” The collection of 70 black and white unpublished out-takes from his 1979 photobook tries to better reflect Andy’s original pretense of Social Diseases vs the “look at all these friends o’ mine” Exposures result.

Friends o’ Andy included in the current exhibit: Truman Capote, Jerry Hall, William Burroughs, Liza, Nico and Victor Hugo in drag. This and more is to be published in a follow up book, as Warhol somehow holds on to relevancy from beyond the grave, post-scene-mortem, decades past, since the wig man made [and drained] many of our cultural avatars. By the way, the 86-year-old Warhol-superstar/”Fuck Andy!” Taylor Mead still reads poetry and fantasizes about park rape at the Bowery Poetry Club. Go buy that darling a beer.

“Andy Warhol: Unexposed Exposures,” Andy Warhol, Mar 2 – Apr 3, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York