The gift. It’s been a while since caught ‘n’ deported Russian spy Anna Chapman did anything bombastic enough to get our attention. Poker game endorsements? Yawn. Leading a youth political party? Yawn. Getting a live lion cub as a gift on state-run television? …Wait, what?

The “bombshell” appeared on TV for the first time for Russia’s Channel 1’s “Let Them Talk” show yesterday. It’s kind of like “This Is Your Life” but they talk about that time your British ex-husband sold naughty photos of you. At the end of the show, Chapman’s recent dream came true and the cheeseball of a host presented her with a lion cub as a pet. The “pet” is called Nano, Chapman decided.

Other bits from the show: A myriad of Chapman’s grade school teachers wished their favorite star pupil a Happy New Year and vowed to follow her “career” until they croak (seriously.) Then, Chapman argued with a famous, old, American-hating Russian spy about how much she loves New York, New Yorkers and Americans and how she needs to see the best sides of people to properly “study” them. “I would never acknowledge that I was an intelligence agent,” she said, and followed up by blabbing that her failed mission was a chance for new opportunities. D’oh.

Chapman bragged about being a very sharp shot, said she’s a very happy and positive person in the face of betrayal and broke into a crooked smile of disbelief when the real live cub was bestowed upon her. Chapman’s very proud grandma seemed enthusiastic to start feeding him raw meat.

Skip to 55:00 for the cub.