Whatever animal your animal rights group is defending, if you want to make a big splash, go bloody. Anti-shark-finning groups do it. Russian anti-hunting activists do it. Dutch animal rights strippers do it. And of course, PETA does it (again and again and again). Here, the WDCS does it; or actually, punky model Alice Dellal does it.

As covered yesterday on ANIMAL, the International Whaling Commission is voting in Morocco this week on lifting the ban on commercial whaling, a move supported by Barack Obama, according to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. The video is narrated by actor Christopher Eccleston, with music by The Horrors. Unfortunately, while we at ANIMAL are strong supporters of of protecting the wild kingdom, we are not strong supporters of boring promo videos pointlessly using a hot model. Where’s the concept? Where’s the powerful creative moment that makes me want to act? Tossing in a chopped up whale tail for effect has no effect. Dress Dellal as peg-legged Captain Ahab…or something. |Video: osocio|