Anti-BP Protesters Tar and Feather Tate Museum


Eight black-veiled protesters disrupted Tate Museum’s BP party by dunking five gallons of molasses on the museum’s stone steps, sprinkling it with feathers and leaving the “oil spill” for the immigrant cleaning crew to clean up.

“What do we want? Liberate Tate! When do we want it? Now!” the Liberate Tate group chanted. The Tate Museum party was celebrating two decades of BP sponsorship. BP cashes out $1.5 million to Britain’s cultural institutions, chump change compared to billions made on oil and owed to oiled Americans.

Leaving a disgusting sticky swamp for the cleaning crew to scrub out of overpriced Portland stone is ironic and cruel. But the on-site responses by museum’s heads and patrons are even more stupid:

I’m not particularly pro BP, but I am pro BP’s art sponsorship.” “There is no such thing as clean money.” “What about working conditions in Colombia? Why should we be responsible for what happens over there?

Perhaps not entirely eloquent in presentation (Kronos Quartet song in the video = bombastic sentimentality fail), the action does have a point and did it make a very necessary splash in the international media. It would be nice if they helped with the clean up though. Liberate Tate!

UPDATE: More video.