If that reelection doesn’t work out, the Governator has a back-up plan. Just released, the trailer for The Expendables features a Schwarzenegger cameo as some guy with a suitcase of money, notably taped smack-dab in the middle California’s water negotiations last Fall. His press secretary says he did it for free.

If this goes on, Arnold Schwarzenegger will probably only play clothed morally ambiguous dudes, as he no longer can work an ammunition sash.

The Stallone-directed sausage-fest also features Stallone (starting to look like Prince in his old age), Bruce Willis (appears to have aged backwards a tad), Mickey Rourke (naturally a tan train-wreck bad-ass, no stylist needed), Jet Li (mocked for size in trailer), Rocky’s “Russian” nemesis Dolph Lundgren and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Lest all the testosterone implode on itself into a muscle orgy, there’s some hot chick with an accent that needs to be rescued while they’re all dethroning some dictator, boom boom bang, whatever.