The Art Bazaar Collective seems to be living up to its grapevine epithet of “New York’s Next Top Artist” by continuing to dangle the chance at art world superstardom to undiscovered artists. Participating in this year’s Fountain Fair NY are Art Bazaar’s favorite few, picked from relative unknowns exhibited previously at the Lyons Wier gallery in the open call, first come first serve Art Bazaar show.

The selected artists are a mixed bag of meh and hmm, but with niftiness potential (unless I’m critically blind when it comes to Russ Meyer tributes, whoo!). We’re going to have to wait to see if anyone hits it big. Michael Lyons Wier has been previously quoted to “respect hustle,” and in this case, he’s greasing it right along. Kudos.

The Art Bazaar Collective at FOUNTAIN Art Far New York, Mar 4 – Mar 7, Pier 66 @ 26th St., Hudson River Park

Images: Charlene Lanzel, Nick Papadakis